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Mineral-Solutions: Testimonials

Here are some testimonials we have received from customers. PLEASE NOTE: Some of the testimonials below refer to health useage. Although we are aware that some of the products are used for off label purposes, and we do give personal opinion if asked, we are not medical practitioners, and never at any time give recommendation or advice due to legal reasons. We hope you understand.


"I have been drinking Jiaogulan tea for a couple of weeks now. I was pleasantly surprised by its subtly sweet taste. Delicious and actually very refreshing. Even in this short duration the calming effect of the tea is quite obvious. I feel I sleep better now and my energy levels have improved too. Since I am not taking any other herb or supplement along with it, I believe drinking this tea has also made me less stressed out. I am definitely making it an everyday ritual.Thanks"
...monika (19th aug '16)

"Thank you for the very fast shipping "
...evelyn (17th mar '16)

"The product is very good, all my body is happy when i take the liposomal vitamin C"
...gil (19th feb '16)

"This story may attribute to the wonders of the Jiaogulan tea. For more than 3 weeks I was terribly sick and feared not to survive the attack on my life. And just last Sunday I was back on my feet, when last Monday the Jiaogulan tea and the capsules arrived in Cebu. Last Monday I took a cup of tea and decided on last Tuesday to take two capsules in the morning and two in the evening. The next day I was disapppointed, because I did not felt any change. But then the next day I took again the capsules in the morning and in the evening. Then when I woke up the next day I felt if a miracle has happened. All the symptoms of my illness before were gone and I felt like reborn. I can advise anybody to buy the Jiaogulan tea (in bags or capsules). It gave me back my strength, so now I am 71, going up to 100."
...aart (20th oct '15)

"Thank you for the fast processing and shipment. All the very best"
...victor (15th oct '15)

"bien reçu ma commande, et espère qu'elle me donnera satisfaction. je vous remercie pour la rapidité de votre envoi "
...suzanne (25th jun '15)

"Thank you for your prompt response in supplying products. Great company"
...angelyna (18th jun '15)

"My order arrived this morning. I don't think it could got here any quicker. I'm very impressed, thank you."
...shahzadi (15th jun '15)

"Bonjour, merci pour votre livraison, c'est parfait, rapide"
...michel (5th jun '15)

"Thank you for the information. Unfortunately my Candidas WAS chronic, and the 27g in three parts was about right. The good news, is that I am almost to full health, and a good portion of that is due to Lufenuron (along with diet, antifungals and probiotics). You are doing a good thing, supplying this product, and I hope, many people are wise to the benefits. What I did, was just to empty the capsules into yogurt."
...richard (1st jun'15)

"Merci ... pour cette excellente réponse qui m'ouvre certaines perspectives. A moi de faire des expériences et de voir les résultats. Bien à vous. Cordialement."
...denise (28th may 15)

"I am very impressed with your support response"
...ann (27th may 15)

"The service was very good. The DMSO is great for muscle strain!"
...france (27th may 15)

"Following diagnostic of a breast cancer last February, according to my Naturopath, I took Sodium Chlorite (15 drops of each in one liter of water a day - drinking every hour 1dl - during 6 weeks. After a new mammography and echography, no significative injury could be found.... Many Thanks to Sodium Chlorite. You can believe in it !! I feel in full health now, and I'll have a new control in 6 months."
...anne-Marie (26th may 15)

"Very good, i'm french, and i received the product very fast, thanks!"
...bataille (25th may 15)

"I am very happy with DMSO and use it for all kinds of little and big pains and ailments. It works very well, often in combination with other things like colloidal silver, apple-cider vinegar or cayenne-pepper. Cured my shingles in no-time. Just recently cured my husband's bursitis and working on the arthritis in his hands. Helps me with aches and pains (am a natural-recovering lung-cancer patient). So I am happily awaiting the new bottle!"
...anneke (25th may 15)

"Really I thank you very much for your great help !!! I really appreciate it "
...monique (15th apr' 15)

"Thank you for your prompt and courteous reply. What excellent service! "
...nicola (31st mar' 15)

"I've received my order! Thank you very much for your help throughout the process! I was very impressed with the speed and responsiveness of our communication. I've already recommended your site to my friends around the world! Thanks so much!"
...olivia (25th mar' 15)

"vous remercie pour la rapidité de l'expédition."
...colette (20th mar' 15)

"Thankyou for such a prompt shipment."
...ru (18th mar' 15)

"Thank you very much for having taken time to reply to my both emails, regarding my questions about the shipping costs for Switzerland and points balance. All is clear now. I'm grateful that you have offered to refund 50% of my shipping costs, given the size of my order.I really do appreciate the care and kind service you provide to your customers. Congrats! Thank you again and have a nice day."
...marianne (11th mar' 15)

"Thank you for information. Very good service after sell.I will check your products at your webpage and if I find something morewhat I need I will order at your shop only.thank you."
...günter (10th mar' 15)

"Hello there! Thank you for your wonderful services! We placed an order and have received our products in good time and condition. Again thank you for doing what you do. Best to all."
...mena (6th mar' 15)

"Hi there, We often order products on the internet. My husband and I have found you to be one of the most helpful and professional companies we have dealt with! Many thanks! regards. "
...linda (6th mar' 15)

"Hello, I am very satisfied with the Liposomal Vitamin C and with your very quick delivery. Very appreciable.I give your references to many clients of mine as I'm a therapist. It's a pity I forgot to buy Water dechlorinator drops. Thank you."
...sophie (1st mar' 15)

"Thank you for your wonderful products!!!! Keep up the good work."
...diana (28th feb' 15)

"Since starting to use the mineral solution with the activator I have managed to stave off many incidents of colds, which have plagued people around me, without taking the flu injections which were offered. My daughter takes the travelling bottles with her on her flights as cabin crew.Many thanks for your service."
...renate (24th feb' 15)

"Oh merci beaucoup, Il ne fallait pas... je ne faisais pas ça pour avoir une nouvelle boite... c etait juste pour vous prevenir pour d autres clients pour la qualité de vos produits.Quel bel esprit commercial vous avez... ca fait plaisir de voir ca car tout le monde n est pas comme ça . .Vraiment merci pour votre générosité et j espère que vous comprenez mon français de France ..:-)))))Encore merci beaucoup."
...philippe (21st feb' 15)

"I was very impressed by the speed of my order and was excited to get the (Magnesium Oxide) prills (beads) you sent out. Thank you very much."
...adem (25th jan' 15)

"Thank you very much for your immediate attention and for the smile from your diplomacy". Also thank you for your generosity with the (replacement) product I received. Thank you again for everything, Have a nice weekend. Gratefully"
...jerry (11th jan' 15)

"Thank you very much for your time and patience. Great customer service."
...ron (5th jan' 15)

"I bought from you guys while visiting a friend in Chiang Mai whose dog had a terrible case of mange. Dog was hairless and on deaths door when I arrived. We ordered Sodium Chlorite from you and began treating the dog in 3 days. Almost completely cured in 30 days. This is not the first time I have ordered from u and will definitely not be the last."
...david (29th nov '14)

"I think you're doing a sterling job with all of this! Thanks so much, because I'm sure there are many people out there that would be lost without companies like yours - and people like you running those companies with real ethics :) Warm wishes"
...mish (28th nov '14)

"Thank you for your very good service!!"
...novelle (31st jul '14)

"I greatly appreciate your professionalism"
...james (24th jul '14)

"When I get tooth pain, (I get a) severe sensation of cold all of a sudden, which usually means I need a root canal. I take a maximum dose of Sodium Chlorite two to 3 times a day. It usually takes a week to 10 days and then the sensation to cold goes away and I now know I no longer need a root canal."
...gary (21st jul '14)

"I suffer from a weak ankle having broken it several times. After a bad sprain which caused it to swell and not bear my weight, a friend applied DMSO to the area. By next morning I could walk normally and swelling was minimal"
...lenny (18th jul '14)

"Some time ago I suffered with benign skin cancer. Living in a backwater in Thailand, access to a good level of medical care was almost impossible. After 3 attempts to treat it with conventional methods, a friend suggested I try Sodium Chlorite and DMSO. After activating (the Sodium Chlorite), I applied it to the inside of my wrist. Several days into the treatment the mole like growths started to fall off while bathing. Now 4 years later there has been no sign of the cancer, the treatment was painless and inexpensive compared to the conventional treatments I had tried prieviously. I also had a rather nasty open wound on my calf which would not heal after a course of antibiotics. I then tried the old remedy of hot bread poultice with bicarbonate of soda. It had no effect either, meanwhile the infection was getting worse. I then tried mixing 1 teaspoon of powder with 1 litre of boiling water which I dabbed on the wound with cotton balls. I'm happy to say that within three day after treating morning and evening it started to heal. Now all I'm left with is a mild scar and 2 legs. :)"
...george (18th jul '14)

"I have been HIV+ for 20 years now. I have got many HIV related problems and health issues before many times. My lowest T4 count was 110 a few years ago. I had an average T4 count of 330-350 for many years in the past. I started taking Sodium Chlorite a few years ago. After the Sodium Chlorite I tried also capsules and I am staying with this for a few years now. As soon as I started to take capsules 2 times a day, my T4 count started to go up higher very quickly. Now I am keeping a T4 cell count around 850-900-980-1100 which is the normal count for an HIV- person. I get tested in every 3 month, so I can see it regularly.I have absolutely no HIV related health problems now thanks to taking capsules. I would never stop taking capsules and I am ordering a whole box when it is out. I would advice to anybody taking it who has got several health problems including the HIV + status. Best Wishes, Attila from Europe"
...attila(13th jul '14)

"Thank you so much....using Sodium Chlorite cured my MRSA infection!!!"
...n.h. (26th jun '14)

"I take 2 capsules of Jiaogulan powdered tea at 8-9AM every day. I sleep much a faster and better after just 7 days. Thanks!"
...andreas(20th Jun '14)

"Thank you!!! Damn you guys ship fast. It's impressive!!"
...lindze(11th Jun '14)

" I started using Jiaogulan when my blood pressure was slowly increasing I am 74. After two weeks my blood pressure was down and the latest reading was 107/67. I will reorder today"
...peter(26th May '14)

"Thank you all for, not only heart and spirit but your professional work ethic and awesome customer service … "
...neil(9th May '14)

" I have taken the products (Sodium Chlorite) ... (for 1 month) ... non stop and I have felt such an amazing improvements in my body. My brain starts to work quite better and the two warts I used to have are just gone."
...marie(3rd Mar '14)

"I was surprise with the swift email response you made and appreciate it. It was very informative and assuring to know there is somebody at the back of your company that informs the consumer the application of your various products. "
...archie(25th Feb '14)

" My partner and I have been using Sodium Chlorite for a couple years now. We started using it as a ‘daily’ cleanser. When my partner got sick with gallstones, he used it and cure his illness in a few months using protocol 1000 and enemas. We also gave a bottle to a friend that had ovaries canver and she was able to get rid of it with protocol 1000 as well. We are intending to keep helping people cure diseases with Sodium Chlorite. We like the quality of the products and services very much!"
...marie(18th Jan '14)

"It's really pleasant to deal with a company that cares about customers and extends that care through personal communication."
...liz(25th Dec '13)

"Thanks a million for the great information, you have done by far the best of all the people I emailed to, you are very kind and compassionate. Thank You a Million, Million times"
...burton(24th Dec '13)

"Your reaction and action to my follow up emails is to be highly commended. I do much ordering online and consistently correcting errors from suppliers who are unapologetic, inept and not thorough with their principles of work ethic and customer values. It gets very tiring and I grow so weary of having to do the jobs of other people who really could care less about taking extra steps and precautions to double check themselves. It happens so frequently not only online but dealing with people in person as well. Though we know that "nobody's perfect," it's the attitude and response that always "sets the example" to take responsibility and show commitment. Your response and follow up actions has set the example ... and commend you on excellence in customer service skills with dedication and commitment to your team. Keep showing the way, as you are a beacon of light for others to follow! Thank you for your generosity."
...gregory(20th Dec '13)

"Hello! Thank you very much for sending all received in perfect quality! Very fast!"
...dmitry (17th Dec '13)

"I wanted you to know that I really appreciate your help. I only expected the nozzle, so I was pleasantly surprised that you sent a new bottle (of Magnesium Spray). It works great."
...barbara(9th Dec '13)

"Keep up the good work in providing a quality product to your customers."
...reverand paul (5th Dec '13)

"You will be my supplier of choice for the quality and support.Thanks again"
...tim(12th Nov '13)

"You are my hero! Thanks for getting back to me and helping, it isappreciated a tons! Wish me luck and thanks again. God bless"
...ty(1st Oct '13)

"Just a quick piece of feedback: I have suffered mouth ulcers for over half my life. A couple of weeks ago a family member convinced me I should try gargling activated Sodium Chlorite – only 5 drops in a small glass of water – and just 2 days later the mouth ulcers were gone never to return :). Thank you so much. I am really, really happy! Now I gargle each night as a preventative"
...elle(27th Sept '13)

"You are fantastic. I was ready to give up ordering because I do not have (and DO NOT want) a PayPal account, but with your help I just placed an order easily. Thanks again"
...ingeborg(17th Sept '13)

"I fell off my bike the other day and decided I would try the DMSO my father had bought from your website the month before for healing his blisters that he gets from gardening. Wow! The cuts and bruising – which was not a pretty sight at all - healed incredibly fast and after a week there was hardly any sign I had ever had a fall – and certainly no scaring which I still have from other past falls. I will be ordering more for myself to keep on hand. I am now applying a bit to the past scarring I have and that also seems to be helping."
...jessica(10th Sept '13)

"Hi Paul. I was up at 5:30 this morning and by 6:00 dived into my email box which is always brimming with new info & as I scanned my inbox to see where I was going to start I saw your newsletter #11. Ignoring all other mail I dived into the newsletter to find quite a surprise. The 3 topics click together like a well oiled and synchro-meshed transmission in a high performance car; They were a perfect blend cause they all complement each other so well, they fit like hand & glove. I can tell u for sure that any readers looking at this have the chance to change their lives with this info by applying some of the best advice to their lives thru their eating habits. Your blog should be a big hit if the readers are studying it seriously and it can impact many people's lives in a positive way. Keep up the good work,.. and by-the-way,... your humor does shine thru your writing,.... a good touch."
...les(23rd Aug '13)

"Paul, I am quite impressed that you answered my inquiry (in such detail). I was hesitant about actually taking the product until I knew a little more about your company. It’s not that I don’t think that legitimate companies function perfectly well in Asia … but unfortunately what you see on the web is not always what you get. Honest, this information would be perfectly suited for your website and would instill confidence for the new buyer. What you don’t say oftentimes speaks volumes in and of itself…. as if there is something to be hidden. You are much more than just inexpensive distribution … so your “about us” page – while what it DOES say is good – doesn’t say enough. I have heard many great things about the Sodium Chlorite and have great hopes in what it may do for me. Thanks so much for your note, Paul. I wish you every continued success."
...mary(21st Aug '13)

"Thanks for your mail and for sending me the Sodium Chlorite I ordered so quickly. Your product is quality stuff and I will gladly order again when I run out. I use Sodium Chlorite daily for my teeth that used to give me problems, but not anymore after discovering this miracle solution. Praise to you for selling this product, which cannot be ordered in my country, so I hope you continue with it! My only concern is your discount code that I forgot when ordering. Now I've written it down for next time. Thank you also for your Newsletter and service - I'll definitely return, as your product is great!"
...sheila(20th Aug '13)

"I am using the Magnesium Crystals, no more cramp during the night and I also sleep lika a baby."
...pentti(16th Aug '13)

"You write a pretty damn good blog. I actually thought it was so good that I re-read it 3 times cause I knew it was vip info that I should NOT forget. U have already done more good than most folks do in a lifetime."
...les(10th Aug '13)

"It is an excellent blog . Clearly a lot of research and knowledge-synthesis /extrapolation goes into it."
...laura(10th Aug '13)

"Dear Paul: WoW!! Thanks guidance. Your Pre and After sales technical service is unparalleled."
...tan(2nd Aug '13)

"Hello Paul and thank you very much for such a helpful friendly and sincere response. I can see that you have a really great attitude towards things and remain extremely open minded and humble. I really appreciate you saying that you would be prepared to help me to figure things out, and I totally understand where you are coming from regarding not taking anything you say as fact. I wish everybody could have such a down to earth, modest and realistic attitude. Thanks again for your useful suggestions and for really caring about the people of this world. Take care, Alexis."
...alex(2nd Aug '13)

"Hello at Mineral-Solutions. Thank you very much for your fantastic service - I received my order from you yesterday to my great surprise as I only ordered late last week. I am delighted with the service so far. I look forward to hopefully becoming a regular customer."
...alex(17th Jul '13)

"Thank you for your mail. I intend to use the Sodium Chlorite for overall health - my Dad has chronic pulmonary disorder and I want to get him on Sodium Chlorite too so I will be ordering more very soon and the DMSO for joint pain, muscle pain and anything else I can think of ... magic stuff!! :)"
...lynda(5th Jul '13)

"Many thanks for your email. I do take Sodium Chlorite to get rid of all my toxins and heavy metals. I was advised to do so by my wonderful holistic person in Ireland, (but) it unfortunately gives me a really sore head as it pulls the mercury out, due to my fillings being taken out the wrong way. So I have to be careful and only take a few drops each day. I decided to buy the capsules just to have incase I needed it or someone I know might need it and I could no longer get it. It has worked wonders for my Bladder infection and general overall health and my mood. Keep up the good work. Kind regards"
...rene(5th Jul '13)

"I am using the Vitamin C and Jiaogulan tea as suggested on the items. The items were delivered within 48 hours, the quality of your products are excellent, however, I would like you to enlarge your portfolio which I'm sure you will do."
...luigi (15th Jun '13)

"Thanks a lot to you and all the great services and products you offer! Thanks again and you are the best!"
...youseff (14th Jun '13)

"Thank you for taking the time to educate me(with your detailed emails)"
...terry (22nd may '13)

"I like the simple format of the Mineral-Solutions blog. Topics with links that lead to a nice story or product display. Very nice ... not overly crowded or glitzy. Perfect."
...les (17th may '13)

"I received my Sodium Chlorite yesterday. I use it for control of Reumatiod arthritus symptoms. It works better than any drug doctors want to give me, as it is helping to rebuild my immune system. Thanks again!
...DD (10th may '13)


Wishing you health and happiness,

Your friends at Mineral-Solutions

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