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Water purification capsules - 400mg x 60 capsules
WPS2 - 60 x 400mg capsules per bottle - 65% Calcium Hypochlorite (packaging may differ to image shown)

Water purification capsules - 400mg x 60 capsules

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60 capsules x 400mg of Laboratory assayed Calcium Hypochlorite powder

Our water purification product packaging includes a heat seal that ensures 100% airtight shipping and storage for the 60 x 400 mg capsules per bottle. We have made great efforts to ensure the correct specification of capsules that were capable of withstanding the content thereby improving shelf-life, as inappropriate materials can result in thin and brittle walled capsules.

Calcium Hypochlorite quickly forms Hypochlorous Acid when added to water. Although the capsules are said to contain only Calcium Hypochlorite, the actual breakdown is Calcium and Chlorine making up a minimum of 65%. The balance of the material is mostly salt, with minor amounts of Chloride, Hydroxide and Carbonate. We went to great lengths to find the highest quality source we could, and the quality isn't about the percentage of available Chlorine. This isn't pool shock granules, and doesn't contain the same binders that granules contain.

To purify drinking water: The contents of one capsule added to 50 litres of water will kill most known pathogens. Leave the water for at least 30 minutes before drinking to ensure sufficient time for the product to get to work.


Our water purfication capsules have a wide range of uses from disinfectant to preserving cut flowers. Some survivalists use it as a more stable product for water purification (has a longer shelf life). If you should choose to use this product in other ways, such as on your farm animals for any reason, be sure that it drinks a large amount of water immediately before and after consuming in order to ensure the conversion to hypochlorous acid in its stomach(s).

Almost any product can be dangerous if used incorrectly, so we encourage you to do your own research and make your own decisions. Just as chocolate can be fatal to a dog, lettuce contains arsenic, colloidal silver is classed as a pesticide, and mercury is purported to be safe in flu vaccines, we must each be careful in our research, distilling good information from bad, and making our own informed decisions. Be aware at all times how information is framed to produce a reaction from the reader, and draw your own conclusions.

We wish you well in your research, and a successful outcome in your aims.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Mineral-Solutions team

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